Forensic Auditing Quantification

Forensic auditing is a blend of traditional accounting, auditing , and financial detective work. Technology has an increasingly important role to play, with complex data analysis techniques used to help flag areas that warrant further investigation.

Quantification, by means of forensic auditing, is crucial when dealing with complex, accounting-orientated cases.  Michael Barker & Partners employ specialist, forensic auditors who conduct audits to quantify losses (presenting this evidence in a court of law whenever necessary), with the aim of prosecuting the suspects and fast-tracking the recovery of stolen funds. 

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants classifies forensic accounting into two broad categories:

  1. Investigative Services: identifying asset-heft fraud and identifying the perpetrator.
  2. Litigation Services: gathering evidence and giving testimony leading to the conviction of the perpetrator in a court of law.